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Easton is a self-taught painter and sketcher; an incredible and aspiring artist who left behind an immense collection of unique artwork prior to his tragic death in 2011 at the age of 22. He was enrolled at the University of Wisconsin with a major in art. His unique connections and friendships with his art professor at the UW and his art teacher in high school greatly incited and inspired him to be the artist and person that he was.

He used his art as an escape from his fateful life and as a portrayal of honest and uncorrupt form of human expression. He was hurt early in his life by the suicide death of his older brother. Expression through art became his world and his daily sanctuary. His artwork is what defined him and motivated him.

Easton was alluringly enigmatic. He had a disdain for pretension and superficialness and living inside the box. He could be the epitome of the “moody artist,” but yet was kind-hearted, humorous, witty, and extremely generous. Several of his art pieces were donated by Easton to friends and various charitable causes prior to his passing. He was a Robin Hood - of sorts to those he knew and loved; he would give away anything to someone in need, regardless if it was his or not to give. From early on, he would help himself to just about any item he could get his hands on to make an art creation. Scrap pieces of wood, boards, furniture, shoes, clothing, other art pieces, nothing was immune. He frequently disassembled store-bought art hanging on the walls, and then would apologize sincerely saying, “Sorry, I needed that frame” or “I needed the matte” for a piece he was working on. He would also justify the taking apart these pieces of art at times by saying, “that picture was hideous” or “you’ll never miss it,” or “I’ll replace it,” which he never did.

The month prior to his death, he was fortunate enough to travel to New York city to attend a Picasso art exhibition and participate in live painting art shows with his artist cousin. Upon returning to his home town, he had opened up an art studio with two other artist friends with intent of pursuing his dream. Tragically, on August 2nd, 2011, he lost his life as a result of injuries sustained from being hit by a car while riding his bicycle.

This art site was enacted by Easton’s mother and his sister, and with the help and aspirations of his many friends and family members who loved and supported Easton’s uniqueness, his talent, his mission, and his take on life.

Easton Shryne 04/12/1989 - 08/02/2011. Thank you for the beauty you left behind in this world. You have permanently etched lasting light and color in the hearts of so many. We are forever changed from knowing you and from you sharing pieces of your beautiful mind, heart, and soul. Blue skies forever.

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